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Véronique Trudel Launches First Single!!

Quebec-born singer-songwriter Véronique Trudel released her first single, Prière, on May 1st.

In this first single, Véronique Trudel is inspired by a text from St. Francis of Assisi to offer us a ritual song. Prière is a song to celebrate the road, to honour sensuality and to welcome darkness as well as divinity. It is also a call to serenity in a world where everything is moving fast. “I created this piece during a 10 month stay in Iqaluit in 2006. I was in a state of great anger and the words came to me like a lifeline,” comments the artist.

It took more than two years for the recording of this piece to be completed. The acoustic guitar, voice, electric guitar and slide tracks were recorded in Rapide-Danseur with Sébastien Greffard. The work was completed in December 2019 by Luzio Altobelli who recorded the percussions at Roxton Pond, Qc, in Pasquale Caruana’s studio. Mr. Caruana also worked on mixing and mastering.

This single will be available online Spotify, Itunes, Amazon music ( and on Prière is a taste of her much anticipated EP Après l’hiver which will be released on May 29th.

About the artist:

Eclectic and creative, Véronique Trudel was selected to participate to Pacifique en chanson 2020 in Vancouver. She plays intimate folk but does not attempt to camp in a particular style. Accompanied by her piano, guitar or ukulele, she shares her inspiration with sweetness, originality and contagious sensitivity. It is with a most disconcerting authenticity that she stands, sharing with naivety and generosity the quest that inhabits her

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