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Rural Artist Support Weekend Copyright 101

NDAC is providing a bonus Rural Artist Support Weekend workshop (weekday edition) with Martha Rans on Wednesday, September 13th. Register here.

With the massive amount of media being easily shared digitally, how do we know what’s fair to use or what others can use of ours? Recent court cases with Canadian artists emphasize the importance of understanding copyright. Presenting and accessing creative works – art, photography, video, writing, music – is easier than ever and this has major implications on how we choose to showcase our creative output.

From understanding copyright and its applications for creators to fair dealing and fair use, lawyer and copyright expert Martha Rans will unravel the shifting and evolving legal issues that need to be a major part of your business as an artist. This workshop is recommended for all creators: visual artists, media artists, composers, writers, performing artists, and photographers.

Rural Artist Support Weekend

In the fall of 2016, NDAC hosted an Arts and Poverty Forum in partnership with the Civic Theatre. From that roundtable discussion, it was determined that a major need of local and regional artists is education on the business of being an artist. In collaboration with the Civic Theatre Screen-Based Industry Initiative, NDAC will be providing local artists with a free symposium featuring speakers from the business and granting community.

This symposium will provide an opportunity for local artists to better their business practices, which will provide invaluable education that artists can often find difficulty accessing. It will offer tools that artists rarely take advantage of, and at zero cost. By strengthening the knowledge base of our local artists, we are empowering them with skills that will be beneficial to the entire community.

Area Artists are the backbone of our cultural excellence and we as a community need to provide them with more opportunities to educate themselves and to feel heard and supported. Many artists can find the business of art a daunting undertaking, and not understanding the business of art can be a massive barrier on the road to success. This weekend will assist with breaking down that barrier.

The Rural Artist Support Weekend is presented with support from CreativeBC,  Regional District of Central Kootenay, the City of Nelson, the BC Arts Council and the Columbia Basin Trust.

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