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Osprey Grants are Open!!

Is your organization planning an exciting project within the next year that would really benefit the community if only you were able to access some funding? Is yours a charitable organization, or can you enlist the support of a charity willing to sponsor your project? If so, we invite you to submit an application for a grant from the Osprey Community Foundation. While much of the funds generated within the Foundation are already targeted by donors for specific charitable purposes, we also have several funds that generate income we can use more generally for community granting.

This year, Osprey Community Foundation is offering three types of grants.

  1. General Community grants–what most groups will be applying for.
  2. BC Festival of the Arts Legacy Fund Grants (or ‘Arts Legacy Fund’ grants)–grants from a fund specifically designated for supporting artists. Each year a different discipline is selected. (If your arts-related proposal doesn’t fall into this category, you may still apply for a general grant.) In 2018 the discipline is Literary Arts.
  3. Projects That Enhance the Lives of Seniors: Grant applications are accepted year round at Friends of Nelson Elders in Care, which administers seniors-related grants on Osprey’s behalf.

For more information click here!

Sydney Black

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