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Building Owners

Nelson International Mural Festival can help you turn your building into a work of art!

A mural is a gorgeous way to draw traffic and interest to the businesses inside a building and public artworks are an effective method of keeping unwanted graffiti and tagging off walls. When you participate in Nelson International Mural Festival as a building owner, we take all the work off your plate: we secure the permits, insurance, equipment, and handle all communications and contracts with the artist. The funds that our building owners contribute go directly toward paying the professional artists their fees.

When you apply to be a participating building owner, you get to select several artistic genres that interest you. Artists apply to paint through the festival and are then vetted by an arms-length jury. We then match the top artists of each genre with participating building owners. To learn about the different mural genres, visit our information on mural genres page.

The selected artist will then submit a draft for review. Building owners will have one opportunity to consult with the artist for a draft alteration.

Apply to be a Building Owner
We have forged a strong partnership with the Nelson International Mural Festival since its inception. This program has supported the talents of both local and international artists who ultimately color our town creating more character and style. We would like to extend our gratitude to the professional crew of people that have made it all possible.  We look forward to seeing it progress onto more canvasses in the future.
-Ryan Martin
Hume Hotel GM & Owner

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