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Nelson International Mural Festival


(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is your Artist selection process?

Artists will be selected by a 5 member arm’s length jury who represent a cross section of interests in the community (business, arts, tourism et al). Their primary considerations are artistic merit of portfolio, large scale work experience and design skills/composition. Selections will be based off of previous work and portfolios.

Are your Artists local or international?

We will be selecting up to 8 professional artists who are a mix of local/regional/national/international.

Are your Artists paid? How much?

All our artists are paid fairly for their participation in the festival.  All Supplies and equipment are provided by the festival. Once a muralist is selected for this project, the artist will be paid to complete a detailed drawing/design. Each artist will be compensated based off of the size and scope of their mural. We are budgeting between $2000-$3000 CAD per mural for artist fees, but again this will vary. Payment will be received upon the successful and timely completion of their mural.

Are the walls public or private?

We will be using both public and private walls.

How do artists work with private building owners?

When dealing with privately owned walls, building owners are asked which styles they are enthusiastic about in their application and matches are made based off of those suggestions. Building owners will have one opportunity to consult with the artist for a draft alteration. If a collaboration cannot be reached the artist will still be paid their design fee.

Do you help with travel?

The Nelson International Mural Festival is unable to provide assistance with travel for the majority of artists, however we make every effort to assist with billeting for the visiting artists’ accommodations.

When will I hear from you?

Successful applicants will be contacted before May 30th, 2019. Due to capacity limitations, only successful applicants will be contacted.

When would I need to be in Nelson?

Artists must be available to attend the festival opening on Friday, August 16th, 2019, however, painting will be happening June 15th-August 16th. Selected artists will be scheduled to paint based off of their availability and proximity to Nelson. The selected international artist will have 10 days before the festival to create their piece.

How do you select your private walls?

Walls are selected based off of accessibility for artists, size, composition, exposure, and funding availability, although funding is not necessarily a barrier.

What if I am painting my own mural in Nelson? Can I be involved?

Anyone who creates a mural that abides by the City of Nelson’s Mural Policy will be invited to participate in the festival and will be included in the festival brochure.

I got selected! What Happens Now?

Selected artists will be sent a contract for perusal. Once signed the artists will be given two weeks to provide a rough sketch, proposed colour scheme, bio and headshot. Upon receiving these items, a 10% design fee will be paid. Artists will then coordinate their painting schedule and paint/supply order with the festival coordinator.

Please note:

No gratuitous violence, racism, or hateful content is permitted and the mural shall not include any business signage or logos, advertising, political or religious messages.

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