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The Green Room Society

306 Victoria Street, Nelson, BC, Canada
Call us anytime (778) 463-2226
Monday-Sunday: 10am-8pm [email protected]

From grassroots beginnings, the Green Room has secured its position as a leader of both supply and information within the growing medical marijuana sector. Green Room provides wide, well-regulated access to safe, high-quality marijuana as a valid and effective treatment for patients with various chronic medical conditions.

Serving to help establish and support a carefully structured and managed medical marijuana system within Canada, each alternative health practitioner within the Green Room society of professionals is tasked with the singular goal to fill the educational gap between need and product; matching specific ailment to optimal product, dosage and usage within strict ethical and quality control guidelines from the safe and comfortable environment of a Green Room medical marijuana dispensary.

This specialized care and support is given with reliable and friendly expert advice and a focused determination to strengthen community through the therapeutic treatment of all Canadians desperately seeking relief from pain and suffering to improve both quality of life and the ability to remain a productive member of society.

Helping Canadians find the optimal medicinal product for their specific medical need with expert understanding and care. It’s well within reach in the Green Room.

306 Victoria Street, Nelson, BC, Canada

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