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Kootenay Music Theatre Society Seeking Performers

Coming soon to a park near you—if you live in or around Nelson BC

A New Musical, set 65 million years ago

Donuts of Mass Destruction!

Nelson, B.C. – Doug Jamieson’s last two musical theatre works, Jorinda (Amy Ferguson Institute 2015) and Fastlane to Paradise (Kootenay Musical Theatre Society 2019), were successfully staged at Nelson’s Capitol Theatre without the slightest concern about physical distancing. Now that a pandemic has arrived—devastating the performing arts world—staging a new work requires a creative solution.

In response to COVID requirements, Kootenay Musical Theatre Society will present their new production Donuts of Mass Destruction! with a different location in Cottonwood Falls Park in Nelson being used for each scene. The performers presenting Scene One will present that scene four times each evening. The audience—in small groups—will move from location to location as the story unfolds. After Scene One, an audience group will move on to Scene Two at a second location, where different performers will present that scene, and so on.

Donuts of Mass Destruction! promises to be an entertaining and delightful experience for all ages. There is political humour for older folks and wackiness for the younger set. And who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs in the show are surprisingly contemporary. There are corrupt elections, mob violence, existential angst, environmental travesties, true love and the challenge of raising a family in dangerous times. The telling of the tale will use several forms of masks and puppetry.

Most paleontologists believe that dinosaur extinction happened due to a comet striking the earth. Donuts of Mass Destruction! proposes an alternative theory supported by a group of somewhat questionable scientists, that dinosaur extinction happened because they ate too many donuts. When asked for evidence, these ‘scientists’ are quick to point out that donuts do not leave fossils.

Donuts of Mass Destruction! is a community event. Want to make a dinosaur mask? Work on sets? Perform during the Aug.26-29 run?

To get involved or find out more, contact composer and author Doug Jamieson. [email protected]

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