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How will NIMF 2020 go ahead? 

The importance of public art has only increased during days of closures and physical distancing. Outdoor galleries remain a source of hope, expression, and inspiration for many. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that more public art pieces are in store this year, as well as our first-ever fully digital festival. 

Muralist: Alex Fawkes

Photo: Tamarack Media

Will it be the same NIMF we know and love? 

In many ways, yes! NIMF 2020 will have murals, performances, workshops, and free family fun, all key attributes to our festival.

Keep an eye on our socials for mural and wall announcements, and watch as the process and product of all murals created for NIMF is ushered into the virtual sphere for the globe to enjoy!

Performance artists from British Columbia and around the world will be both live streaming and providing recorded performances to provide a weekend of soundscapes and soundtracks to our third annual festival.

If you’re looking to learn,  a robust series of digital youth dance workshops in collaboration with the Youth Action Network will be live throughout the weekend.

As always, all of Nelson International Mural Festival will be free and family-friendly, with a wide range of fantastic digital activities for the young and, the young at heart!

Muralist: Katie Green

Photo: Nicola Rough

How will NIMF be safe in light of


Because we take the safety and health of our community, staff, and artists very seriously, we are taking the following measures:

– Artists will not be permitted to paint unless they are in good health.

-BC muralists will be our focus this year, and out-of-province muralists will not be able to participate until it is deemed safe for them to do so.

-Participating muralists will have minimal contact with community members, spending their time at their wall or residence and receiving food and supplies through contactless delivery.

-Our messaging will remind community members wishing to view the murals in-person to respect the provincial physical distancing guidelines.

Muralist: Jessa Gilbert

Photo: Electrify Photography

What if I want to go watch a muralist? 

We understand why! Watching a mural come to life is an awe-inspiring process but these are unprecedented times. While we welcome you to stroll by, we humbly ask you to stay moving and avoid congregating at any point in front of the mural. If we stay socially distant and safe, we can continue to create Nelson International Mural Festival.

Mural: Jean Paul Langlois

Photo: Ingrid Love

Muralist: Youth of Nelson BC

Photo: Ingrid Love

How can I be sure I don’t miss anything?

We don’t blame you! Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when events are happening so you can clear your calendar for all things NIMF!

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