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Coleman Webb

Coleman Webb was born in Vancouver in 1982. He grew up and developed his desire to paint and make things in high school and soon learned to love street art, hip-hop culture and particularly graffiti art. Through his adolescence Coleman found his own style and received great support to develop and hone his skills.

Coleman began painting on canvas and expressing ideas alternatively in his later teenage years. Constantly pushing himself to go bigger and do things uniquely brought him opportunities to paint murals, be commissioned to do custom works and work on various art projects in the community. He works in a variety of mediums from oils to acrylics, spray-paint, various mark-making instruments, wood and other found materials.

He has worked collaboratively with many artists on a great variety of projects, shownwork and painted murals in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Coleman has no formal schooling in the arts, but has been lucky enough to work alongside many talented painters and learn from a rich fellowship of artists and mentors along the way. He has passed this opportunity on by mentoring and working alongside youth on many projects. He has also helped to facilitate discussions to communicate ideas within the community and worked with city officials and community groups to come up with creative solutions for public art projects.

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