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City Hall Mural – Guidelines

What is your Artist selection process?

The artist will be selected by an arm’s length jury made up of 5 members who represent a sample of community interests (business, arts, tourism, et al). Their primary considerations include: artistic merit of portfolio, previous large-scale work experience and design skills/composition.


Are your Artists local or international?

The selected artist must reside in the Columbia Basin.


Are your Artists paid? How much?

All supplies and installation will be supplied by the Arts Council. Once a muralist is selected for the project, they will be paid to complete a detailed drawing/design. Artist fees for this project will be approximately $10,000. Payment will be received upon the successful and timely completion of the mural.


What surface is being painted on?

Due to the quality of the surface of City Hall, the mural must be painted on Dibond panels, the industry standard, which will then be installed by a contractor.


What is the timeline?

Artist applications will be open from October 10th-November 15th, 2019. A jury session will be held in early December with the successful artist being confirmed in late December. Dibond panels will be delivered to the artist’s space/studio in early January. Painting of the mural panels will have to be complete by April 30th, 2020. A contractor will be hired to install the mural in early May 2020.


When will I hear from you?

The successful applicant will be contacted before December 31st, 2019.


Please note:

No gratuitous violence, racism, or hateful content is permitted and the mural shall not include any business signage or logos, advertising, political or religious messages.

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