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A Tale Of Two (Or More) Murals!

We’ve had a lot of questions about the various murals around town and which ones are part of Nelson International Mural Festival. When a small town has so much public art, that the origins and artists can be hard to keep straight, you know you’ve got to be in Nelson!

Photo by The Nelson Daily

The incredible ‘Heart of the Community’ mural that now adorns City Hall is in fact not a part of Nelson International Mural Festival, but is a project supported by NIMF’s parent organization, the  Nelson and District Arts Council. 

Creative projects of this scale take a great community effort, with this towering piece also being supported by Columbia Basin Trust, the City of Nelson, and of course,  the artist, NIMF 2018 alumni Canadian Murals – Tyler Towes of Canadian Murals. 

Photo by Ingrid Love

If you’ve seen the “Nelson Together” Mural by well known local artist Bryn Stevenson you may be wondering if this inspiring piece is part of Nelson Mural Festival as well!

This unique piece was a partnership between Nelson and District Arts Council and the City of Nelson’s Emergency Operations Centre to commemorate and encourage our community during this unique time.

The first official #NIMF2020 mural by Sandeep Johal is nearly complete.

Click here to get to know Sandeep! 

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