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**We would like to note additions and changes to the schedule: Sadly Dianna Ducs can’t join us but Buck D. Addams has graciously stepped in to her slot and will be offering “Avoiding Straight Lines: A Bit of Design History…A Bit of Personal Experiences and Where to Go from Here”.

** Joanna Maratta of the BC Touring Council will be joining our “Getting the Gig” Roundtable as well! We are stoked!

Rural Artist Support Weekend

**Please note that the registration for the lunch has closed but the rest of the sessions are drop in at the Civic Theatre!**

In the fall of 2016, NDAC hosted an Arts and Poverty Forum in partnership with the Civic Theatre. From that roundtable discussion it was determined that a major need of local and regional artists is education on the business of being an artist. In collaboration with the Civic Theatre and with the support of the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council, NDAC will be providing local artists with a free weekend symposium featuring speakers from the business community (business consultant, insurance broker, grant writing expert, marketing expert, social media expert et al.) as well as two roundtable discussions. One roundtable, Arts and Poverty 2, will focus on the struggles that local artists face and how we as a community can support them. The other roundtable, Getting the Gig, is made up of curators and bookers from local festivals and venues (Kaslo Jazz, Tiny Lights, Touchstones, Blue Night and the Capitol Theatre) who will give handy tips to any artists that may be applying to galleries, theatres and festivals in the future.

This symposium will provide an opportunity for local artists to better their business practices, which in turn will better themselves as artists. We would be providing resources that artists can often find difficulty accessing. It will offer tools that artists rarely take advantage of, and at zero cost. By strengthening the knowledge base of our local artists, we are empowering them with skills that will be beneficial to the entire community. Also, in offering a venue for our artists needs to be heard we are supporting them, which will only strengthen the cultural climate of the region.

Area Artists are the backbone of our cultural excellence and we as a community need to provide them with more opportunities to educate themselves and to feel heard and supported. Many artists can find the business of art a daunting undertaking, and not understanding the business of art can be a massive barrier on the road to success. This weekend will assist with breaking down that barrier.

RASW Presentations 2017

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